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Photography by Clione Rochat

Confederate and Union lines during the Battle of Champion Hill.

Confederate Army charges during the Battle of Raymond.

Union Army lines up behind DeGolyerís Battery as they attack the Rebel line.

Confederate officers lead troops into battle.

Confederate Army prepares to attack during the Battle of Raymond. The soldier wearing the red shirt was immediately riddled with Union bullets.

A Confederate soldier spurs his horse toward the battlefield.

An American flag proudly waves over General U. S. Grantís headquarters.

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A Union soldier helps wounded comrade from the battlefield.

The undertaker waits in line to help remove bodies from the battlefield.

Casey Holcombe of Raymond holds
tight to her Confederate soldier.

A priest blesses a Confederate
soldier before going into battle.

Women dressed in period attire enjoy the Confederate parade as the soldiers march through town on their way out to the battlefield.

Eddie Lanham of Brooks, Georgia, displays his Confederate attire
at the Country Fair.

8th Regimental Band, Georgia Volunteers, plays for crowd during
the Country Fair.


Casey Holcombe of Raymond portrays a typical womanís attire during the war years.


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