Sons of Confederate Veterans
Mississippi Division

105th Reunion
Saturday, June 8, 2002

Wayne McMaster, Commander of the Mississippi Division SCV and Parker Hills delivering the keynote address

Award recipients at the 2002 SCV Reunion

Ann Gunter, Rebecca Drake, Phillip Gunter, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Beauvoir

Lester Senter, mezzo soprano, performs "Dixie"

Lester Senter Lester, Ron Stowers, Board of Directors, Beauvoir, and Tom Waggener, Adjutant, Mississippi Division, SCV

Parker and Carol Hills, Lester Senter, and Rebecca Drake

Grady Howell, author, and Jerry McWilliams, artist, with Rebecca Drake

Isla Tullos, Mayor of Raymond and President Friends of Vicksburg, visits with Carol Hills

Rebecca Drake and Ernie Hopkins, Commander of Mississippi College Rifles, Clinton

Grady Howell and Rebecca Drake

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